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President Director at PT Bintan Lagoon Resort

Creative Marketing Ideas for Hotels

Marketing, if done well, can be huge for any hotel. Reaching customers and getting them on board with you will take some creative marketing efforts across multiple areas. When executed properly, the rewards will be fruitful. The blog below highlights a few great ways you can market your hotel – both off and online.

Informative blogging

Utilize your website traffic to tell a story. A consistent, informative blog can convert users into customers. Positioning yourself as the hospitality experts that you are, shows people you can be trusted and know exactly what you’re talking about. Come up with content that is relevant at any time and sprinkle in some trending topics when appropriate. Your blog is the place where you get to control the narrative and tell your story – use it!

Airline partnerships

Partnering with airlines gives you the unique opportunity of being recommended by someone else. Frequent flyers tend to be loyal to a particular airline, so receiving a recommendation from their trusted source makes the choice that much easier. Another upside of airline sponsorships are the customer base you’re being delivered. Almost everyone coming in on a plane will need a place to stay and your name will be one they hear constantly.

Event hosting

Hosting events is a fun way to introduce people to your brand and bring the community together. Opening up events to the public attracts the locals who most likely won’t be staying with you, but they will refer you to someone else. Additionally, positive experiences create brand loyalty. Whether a customer is staying with you for the first time or is a loyal customer, they still expect everything you do, from events to accommodating them to be spectacular. Take every chance you can get to wow the customer.

Social media giveaway contests

Use your existing social media audience to do some of the dirty work for you. If you want to generate engagement and get many people to share your brand all at once, look no further. Social media contests are a popular way to attract some buzz and increase the size of your audience. Plus, you’ll make one very lucky winner pretty happy.

Be Authentic

Lastly, no matter what marketing avenues you explore, always remain authentic. Consistent and authentic brands resonate strongly with customers. Authenticity also is a way to let the brand’s personality shine through.