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President Director at PT Bintan Lagoon Resort

Family Vacationing Done Right

Family vacations are an incredible opportunity to unplug and unwind together. They consist of great laughs being had and fond memories being formed. What if there was a way to take this joyous time to the next level? If you have stayed in a resort before, you know what I’m talking about. If not, read on to see just what a resort has to offer for your family.

Family activities

Most resorts offer a wide variety of family-friendly events. There can be anything from movie nights to arts and crafts. There bound to be at least a few activities that catch your eye while staying at a resort. It’s also a great place for the kids to make new friends. Even though it’s family vacation, there’s still room for playdates with new friends.


Plenty of resorts offer daycare or babysitting services. Just as the kids will want to have some time by themselves, you will want the same. Even if you don’t intend on taking advantage of the service, it’s nice to have the option. While it’s lovely to spend time away with the family, you may find yourself wanting to go on date night without the kids.

No car rides

Too many vacations require a good bit of driving to get to and from dinner, entertainment, and even trips to the store. If you could spend less time in the care and more time soaking up the sun, wouldn’t it be an easy choice? Staying at a resort provides you with the luxury of never having to leave the grounds. They have everything there for you.

Kids adjust easier

Kids, especially the younger ones, rely heavily on routines. Vacations break down the normal routines and can sometimes be unsettling. Traditional vacations are hectic and involve a lot of running around. All the hustle and bustle, new surroundings, and late nights can make for a very cranky kid. Luckily, resorts often make it easier to adjust. There is no running all over the place and your children can relax. If any of the kids become unsettled, you can always take a short walk back to the room for a much needed nap.

Specific adult activities

Kid’s are not the only ones entitled to fun on vacation. Resorts offer a plethora of adult specific activities that will leave you refreshed and help you achieve complete relaxation. Most resorts offer a spa, has a golf course, and multiple bars and restaurants with happening nightlife.