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President Director at PT Bintan Lagoon Resort

Software for Hospitality

An advantage of software is that it is fluid, a series of programmed commands which combine to form an electronic instruction manual; the most effective means of completing a certain digital job. Its immaterial nature means the benefits of software innovations are easily modified and applied to suit specific industries. And according to trends which are massively enhancing efficiency in the service sector, it’s time again for the hospitality industry’s software tech to evolve. Improvements will soon be widely introduced which promise to streamline hotel management and transform customer service, boosting both customer and employee satisfaction throughout hotels the world over.

Any hotelier would do well to stay informed of developments which could ease business practice and appease customers. But as a resort owner, I understand how a hectic schedule can make it tough to leave time for research. To save time, I’ve listed a few of the hospitality industry’s most impactful recent software developments.

Cloud-Based Applications

Many hotels have long relied on software anchored on on-site servers to manage operations and store data. However, it’s becoming increasingly unwise to ignore the allure of dropping dependence on old-school technical equipment for cloud based systems. Programs tethered on site require exterior maintenance to stay updated and often carries a hefty installation premium, but cloud based systems eschew the cost of equipment integration and upkeep. Latest software versions are installed and updated automatically via the Internet, and rather than purchasing a bulk software package, cloud services can be customized to include only the features you’ll actually need.

Mobile Property Management Systems

The ability to manage a hotel’s inner workings on the move is invaluable for hoteliers who own multiple properties, or are otherwise unable to stay on location at all times. Mobile management systems allow for easy access to all facets of a hotel’s daily performance. Access to mobile property management systems requires only a capable device and an internet connection, enabling hoteliers to direct staff, address customer concerns, and guide hotels’ everyday performance from virtually anywhere.

Automated Check In Services

Customers in any service industry are instinctively drawn to the idea of bypassing long lines and monotonous staff interactions instantaneously with a few strokes on the screen of a smartphone. Through smartphone apps that provide computerized check-in and key card services, the spirit of self-service will march through hotel lobbies as customers clamor for the freedom and extra time that self-service potentially provides.

Hotel Apps

Apps for hotel chains may soon offer a variety of services to customers beyond simply self-checking in. Recent experiments in smartphone and smartwatch hotel apps now allow guests to book reservations and place room service orders, with some even offering ultra-inclusive perks like control over lighting, television and room temperature.