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President Director at PT Bintan Lagoon Resort

Trends Impacting Hospitality

The hospitality industry, just like most niche business, need to succumb to emerging trends and the demands of consumers. The choice for is a simple one, keep up or get left behind. With the explosion of social sharing apps, like AirBnB, hotels are coming up with creative ways to reinvent the wheel. Below is a list of the top focal points for the hospitality industry.

Millennial Focus

Millennials are all grown up. Now they are making decent money and are rapidly encroaching on taking up a majority share of all travelers. With the change of the tide, hotels and resorts are making some big changes. Millennials are pegged with being spontaneous, having a strong preference for technology, and look for personalized experiences. The hospitality industry has taken notice. We will start to see the industry adopting easier check-in through smartphone apps among other things.

Food & Drink

The hospitality industry’s relationship with food and drink is also evolving. Due to consumer trends and expectations, hotels are going to put more energy into their bars rather than their restaurants. Consumers are asking for a place to catch up where they can enjoy carefully crafted cocktail and select from a wide range of craft beers. For dinner, they will be looking outside the hotel, so a bar-centered hotel provides a better fit. Conversely, in place of a full blown restaurant menu, you’ll find it to be more in line with social dining and offering diet specific selections.

Focus on Unique Experiences

Millennials are not the only consumers who enjoy unique, custom experiences. Everyone likes to be pampered and more consumers are coming to expect a personal touch from the brands they come in contact with. In order to stand out, hospitality brands need to offer something out of the ordinary. It can be anything from low-key lobby events to digital info screens. Whatever they have to offer, it has to break the mold.

Emphasis on New Tech

Hoteliers are spending much more time and energy on integrating new technology both internally and externally. We will begin to see the effects of website redesign, app integration, and internal software. The emphasis on new and updated technology will greatly increase reliability and enhance the overall user experience. Adapting to technology and staying ahead of the curve is vital to a successful future.